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                image description

                影片动态 Film News

                影片介绍 Film Introductions

                美姐 The Love Songs of Tiedan

                Sister May is beautiful young woman who returns to her home village in Shanxi after spending time at West Side, Inner Mongolia. She has a nice singing voice, and is adored by Tie dan'er, a six-year-old boy from an impoverished family. But when the Cultural Revolution starts, Sister May and her family once again leave for West Side. Twelve years later, Sister May comes back to the village, no longer looking like the woman that Tie dan'er was once so in love with. However, her first daughter is an 18-year-old beauty, who very much resembles the Sister May of Tie dan'er's memory. Tie dan'er and the first daughter begin dating, but their relationship is cut short when Sister May arranges her eldest child to be married to a young man from West Side. Afraid of the emotional outbursts of Tie dan'er, Sister May allows him to marry her second daughter, although the arranged bride is mute and looks nothing like her mother. Unhappy with married life, Tie dan'er joins a show group as a singer, taking pleasure in entertaining village audiences and living life on the road. He becomes the Deputy Leader of the show group, but complicatio
                ns ensue when Sister May's third daughter wants to join the company. She also looks like Sister May, and the moment that Tie dan'er sets eyes on her, buried passion is reignited.

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